"Fishing with Tommy Countz is a BLAST!  He is a lot of fun and if you want to find the fish, Tommy is your man.  I started fishing with Tommy about two years ago and during that time I have learned a great deal from him.  He is always willing to share his expertise and years of knowledge concerning the Matagorda bay system.  No matter what my questions are, Tommy always answers them with patience and his special brand of humor.  Tommy is also great with my customers.  On several occasions he has helped my company plan corporate events.  All of these outings have gone very well and have helped to build stronger relationships with my customers.  Tommy has a great boat and I always feel comfortable and safe with Tommy at the helm.  Thanks to Tommy, I have had a great time fishing.  Tommy, you are the man!"

Dr. Andrew Glasnapp


"I have fished withTommy for the past five years.  What I like about fishing with Tommy is his sense of humor, and his ability to make even the most inexperienced angler comfortable. I remember one time when I had a group from Nashville that he kept referring to them as "perch fishermen from Tennessee". That same day one of them caught two trout in excess of six pounds.  I have taken clients fishing with him and three or four years later they are still talking about what a good time they had.  Most impressive is that those who fished with him once or twice in the past still ask me: "How's Tommy, tell him hello for me".  I have fished Matagorda for many  years and Tommy has taught me more about finding fish in the past five years than I could ever imagine . His ability to find fish and remember their patterns is uncanny.  Tommy not only puts me on fish, but we have a memorable time trip after trip. Tommy is a "people person" that enjoys what he does and it is obvious from the time you first set foot in his boat  that you're going to have a great day on the waters of Matagorda Bay."

Ray Denson
Trinity MedCare, Inc.
Nashville, Tn.



Fishing with Tommy Countz is an experience.  I've fished with many guides over the years and they are all good fishermen, but I have never been with a guide who from the start of the trip was willing to share his enthusiasm and experience.  They all want you to catch fish and enjoy the trip, but with Tommy, he wants you to share in his enthusiasm.  Whether it's about the bay, the fish, the land or navigation, he shares it with you.  He not only wants you to enjoy the trip, he wants you to come back, fish and enjoy his world.  He's a patient teacher, a great storyteller and a skilled fisherman.  When your fishing trip is over, you feel like you've found a new friend. 

Mike "The Penguin" Wertz                                                                                                    Katy, Texas



For a unique experience with at guide that is a people person, try Tommy.  We have made this trip an annual outing and call it our neighborhood fishing trip.  We start out Thursday morning and head to Matagorda Island by boat, where we store our overnight gear in a house on the island.  It is lighted with a gas generator and water comes from a cistern for a cool shower.  It is cooled by mother nature, so a trip in mid-summer is out of the question.  We fish the remainder of the day and retreat to the house just before dark.  We watch the sunset over Port O' Conner, have a few beers, cook steaks, tell a few jokes, smoke a few cigars and solve all the worlds problems before bed.  The next morning we head out for another day of fishing.  The great thing about this trip is when you get up, you are already in the area you want to fish (no long boat ride).  Watching the crack of daylight, Tommy on his boat doing his daily fishing report back to the radio station and you in the water already catching fish is truly a unique experience with a unique guide.

Eddie Kolojaco